This workshop aims to bring together a critical mass of insightful theorists and keen observers to attack a central topic - ``Gas Fuelling of Galaxy Structures Across Cosmic Time".

The key question we want to answer is exactly when, where, and how the HI gas of the universe are channelled into the right location and condition to form stars and resolved structures of galaxies. Specifically, we want to know: 

  • WHERE is the primary gas reservoir for SF fuels in galaxies  ?

  • WHERE, HOW and WHEN is HI gas converted into H2 ?

  • How is the gas being accreted onto the galactic disk & where on the disk ?

  • How does the gas accretion dynamics affect galaxy structures ? 

  • How does the gas accretion history change the ISM properties of galaxies?

  • Does "cold-mode" accretion really exist & why ? 

  • How important are mergers in transporting and fuelling the gas ?

  • How do outflows and other feedback modulate the gas ?

  • ... ...

Come and debate on these questions while walking among the beautiful Southern Australian wineries in the Barossa Valley.  This workshop is intended to be stimulating.  We sincerely hope and expect that serious collaborations and papers ensue from the meeting!  

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